My name is Gautam, I am a *nix user, who likes regularExpression, scripts in bash or .pl or .py or .rb, watches war movies & documentaries, enjoys music be it *funk* or *cling-clang*, likes democrats, uses vi & notepad, reads conspiracy theories, drinks Wine reds to rosy to white, Scotch glenmorangie or glenfiddich (I love both), likes sea food, & the word "w00t", uses *achtung* instead of ACHTUNG!!, is polite, reads foriegn policy or political history, seems to be pacifist, gandhian, *Hates* forums/mailing list (like LUGs) who are unfriendly-unhuman-I.Like.Rules.type, are 2strict have BIG-Ego-BIG-Title are SADistic & n00b-eater, I am reformist, non-confirmist in my own way, wants to have a crorepotty, is buddha lover, and fun-funn type procrastinator, dog lover, with an aquarium and 2 turtles (Turtle A and Turtle B), cant cook, mess maker, tracks disorganized behavior in an organization, pr0nography should be available freely, hate cops (I have serious issues with them, human rights, use of excess force), flowchart user, DIGGa, a repeater,a router, c0mpL!ka+3d, f0rm3r l33t speaker, p2p user, piratebay surfer, adventurer, traveller, hiker, 'Ipsum Parabem'r, Googler, Random thought reveler...and so on.